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Why it’s important to not get too comfortable in your career

It’s often difficult to find a job that is just right for you and that’s why, when you do, it’s tempting to bed down and get comfortable in a role. However, there are some very good reasons why it’s important not to get so comfortable in a particular position (or on a particular career path) that you end up stuck. Here are a few reasons why getting too comfortable isn’t always a good thing:

1. You should never stop learning and growing.

The simple fact is that sometimes we reach the end of the line with a particular role or career, when we’ve got everything from it that we can and there’s no more space for growth. If you stop learning then you’ll get bored and you’ll notice that your CV becomes static too. It can be tempting to stay put because you find a role well within your capabilities – but that’s sometimes a good sign that it’s time to move on.

2. Being challenged is important.

If you could do your current job with your eyes closed then you’re not being challenged. If you never have moments when you have to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone to get the job done then you’re in danger of stagnating and it might be time to look for something new or to consider the various training options and industry coursers that you can use to open up your future.

3. Are you putting up and shutting up?

Sometimes it’s only when you’re out of a particular working environment that you realise just how damaging that environment was. If you’re working within a team where your boss doesn’t treat you well, where others are unhappy and conditions are dangerous or depressing then are you staying simply because you’re worried you won’t find something else? If that’s the case then it’s definitely worth moving on – we spend a huge amount of our lives at work so it shouldn’t be a negative experience.

4. Are you getting lazy?

It’s a simple fact that we are all replaceable in the workplace and if your productivity starts to dip or you’re cutting corners because you’re bored and unfulfilled then you’re jeopardising your reputation and reference. The better solution is to move on as soon as you feel like there is any complacency setting in – find a new role in which you’re productive, engaged and excited instead.

Not sure if you’re getting too comfortable or not? Well here are a few signs to look out for: lateness, consistently bad feedback, falling out with colleagues, taking safety risks, the Sunday night blues, no longer feeling like part of a team and never going out of your way. If this sounds like you contact one of our team today to find out what roles we have available for you.