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Manage Your Unsociable Hours In The Maintenance Industry

Time Management Skills

A survey, carried out by business centre operator Regus, has found that more than two thirds of professionals in the UK are now required to work outside of their regular working hours, than was the case back in 2010. One of the reasons given for this, was that regular working hours, i.e. the 9 to 5, are simply just no longer appropriate for the demands of some roles. Although, much of that extra time was spent at the office, the survey also indicated a rise in flexible working too, with people trying to make up those extra hours at home.


Unpredictable Hours

As this survey shows, a significant proportion of the UK workforce is working outside of the hours that most of us expected when we first started looking for a job. Whilst many people have fallen into these hours, as an overflow from a regular working day, for others this kind of unpredictability is a reality of every day working life. Plumbers, electricians and mechanics, for example, are skilled individuals who often have to deal with emergencies and this is one of the reasons why it’s so important to be able to manage a life outside of the 9 to 5 if maintenance is the industry in which you work. This is not just because there will be demand for emergency plumbing, or electrician skills, outside of normal office hours but because the pay during those periods of time can be much more impressive, so it is worth exploiting those out of hours opportunities.


Time Management Skills

For those who don’t work within the 9 to 5, this can take a little getting used to, particularly if you have a family or  a thriving social life, outside of work. However, there are plenty of people within the maintenance industry who have to work these unsociable hours, as well as many others, from nurses through to shift workers, who work at what other people might consider an unsociable time of day. It’s important to be organised with this kind of work, to have a routine in place for the jobs that fall outside of the 9 to 5, to know how to make sure you get enough sleep and to eat properly for energy. Equally, it is important to ensure you’re not working around the clock 24-7, if you don’t take a set period of time off each week this will start to affect the quality of your work.

There is huge demand for maintenance work, both within and outside of office hours. Skilled Careers offers a wide range of maintenance roles – get in touch with our contracting team today for more information.